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[Condor-users] Can CONDOR emulate resources

Hi Users,

Perhaps you can assist a new user - me.

If this issue was posted or in the docs, a pointer is sufficient.


My problems are:

1.      I would like to use CONDOR with a single server emulating many servers, for testing purposes. Since I do not have all the execute machine yet, I would like one real server to mimic the behavior of the daemons running on the execution machines, for many machines. By “many” I target 1000-5000 servers. What is the best way to do it ?

2.      The per-execute machine resource attributes (such as cpu, memory, state etc) is now stored in a file. How do I take this data and send it to the condor pool as if it came from condor_startd running on the real servers ?

3.      Is there a method to request a future job execution e.g. run on a required resource starting in 2 weeks for 1 day, and still get a confirmation now that the resource will be indeed claimed.







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