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[Condor-users] SMP machine - Defining and naming Slot Types



I used the default “evenly divide all resources” option on my single SMP machine.

As expected, the vm got the names slot1, slot2 etc.


Question #1: Is there a way to assign my own machine names instead of slot1, slot2 ? for example I would like to name them “donald”,”mickey”,”goofy”


I would like to try out the “Define your own slot type option”.

For example, I would like to define one slot with a larger portion of the memory and call is “bigmem”. The other slot to be called “normalmem”

From the in-source documentation of the condor_config, I understand that the naming convention is “SLOT_TYPE_<N>”


Question#2: In the “Define your own slot type option”, what are the machine names, in the standard naming convention of  “SLOT_TYPE_<N>” ?


Question#3: In the “Define your own slot type option”, can the names of different types of machine types be changed to what I want e.g.  “bigmem”,  “normalmem”?