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[Condor-users] Condor nice_user priorities accounting

Dear List,

I noticed a strange accounting mismatch in how Condor manages user priorities in conjunction with nice_user on the cluster I use. I submitted 700 jobs in one submit file like this (with the irrelevant stuff removed):
nice_user = false
queue 200

nice_user = true
queue 500
So 200 are supposed to run with the usual priority, while 500 should run as "nice" jobs. Condor also reads that correctly (I submitted 60 additional "nice" jobs later) :

$ condor_q -long | grep "NiceUser = false" | wc -l
$ condor_q -long | grep "NiceUser = true" | wc -l

But when I look at the effective user priorities Condor calculates, the nice jobs count towards my normal user effective priority, not the nice-user account:

$ condor_userprio
Last Priority Update:  8/21 17:23
                             Effective   Priority   Res   Total Usage  Time Since
User Name                      Priority    Factor   In Use (wghted-hrs) Last Usage
---------------------------- ------------ --------- ------ ------------ ----------
XXXXX@xxxxxxx                 415.50      1.00    700    736456.44      <now>
nice-user.XXXX@xxxxxxx 168170960.00     1e+07     33    555920.69      <now>
---------------------------- ------------ --------- ------ ------------ ----------
Number of users: 7                                     761   1947806.25    0+23:59

The effective priority should not go over 200, but it already lists 415.50, and the Res In Use column shows 700 for the normal account, while the nice-user account only shows the 33 running jobs of the batch I submitted at a later time.

On the other hand, when I submit the "nice" and normal jobs via two separate submit files, I get the correct accounting behavior.

Is this a bug in Condor, or am I doing something wrong when I submit jobs with two separate nice_user statements?

The Condor version is 7.8.