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[Condor-users] how to fix 'DC_AUTHENTICATE: Unable to reconcile!'?

Dear expert:

  Today I try to add a new machine as condor submitter, after adding 'SCHEDD' to the DAEMON_LIST and restarting the condor service, condor_q and condor_status could work. But when I try to submit a job, it fails with the following error:

  ERROR: Failed to connect to local queue manager
SECMAN:2007:Failed to end classad message.

  And in SchedLog , I see the following error message:

08/30/12 23:54:33 (pid:12036) DC_AUTHENTICATE: Unable to reconcile!

 Seems that the SCHEDD daemon on this machine can't connect to the NEGOTIATE daemon on the condor master, but I have closed firewall on both machines, and condor_submit works fine on the condor master machine where runs 'COLLECTOR, MASTER, NEGOTIATOR, SCHEDD, STARTD'.
  So any idea how I can fix this error? The condor version is 7.6.4.