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[Condor-users] Double quotes in a $$([...]) expression


I'm trying get double quotes to appear in an expression in a submit file of the form:

arguments = "$$([strcat("" ...  "")"")])"

where the final result will be:

arguments = -singleCompThread -nojvm -r "test(1,<the instantiation of $(Process)>)"

However, try as I may I can't get those pesky double quotes to appear as literals. The best that I can get is with:

arguments = "$$([strcat(""-singleCompThread -nojvm -r test(1,"" , string($(Process)), "")"")])"

which leads to:

arguments = -singleCompThread -nojvm -r test(1,<the instantiation of $(Process)>)

but any attempt to introduce literal double quotes in the argument string fails with the typical error message:

"Unexpected characters following double-quote. Did you forget to escape the double-quote by repeating it?"

Any ideas for getting round this? I'll even settle for single quotes.

Best regards,