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[Condor-users] job numbers and run locations problem


I'm running Condor jobs and would like to be able to connect job numbers with physical locations. I can't seem to interpret the log files correctly, though.

In a specific job's logfile, I see a line like this:
001 (218.102.000) 01/04 11:46:52 Job executing on host: <>

If I go to that machine, I see the directories are made in the "execute" folder called dir_####. 

So, how can I determine which directory job 218.102.000 is running in? There is not a folder called dir_63852, so I cannot connect the run with the location.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Michael Fienen, Ph. D.
Research Hydrologist, Groundwater Specialist
United States Geological Survey
Wisconsin Water Science Center