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[Condor-users] Flocking Configuration Error


Short version:

Where does the hostname in this line in the CollectorLog come from?
02/01/12 14:27:17               **** Removed(1) ad(s): "<username@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx , xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx >"


We manage a Condor submit node configured to accept flocked jobs from an external organization's submit host.

The configuration has worked for months. Now, jobs submitted to the remote pool remain idle and condor_q -better-analyze reports nothing of interest.

The CollectorLog at our submit host contains:

02/01/12 14:27:17 Got INVALIDATE_SUBMITTOR_ADS
02/01/12 14:27:17               **** Removed(1) ad(s): "<username@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx , xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx >"
02/01/12 14:27:17 (Invalidated 1 ads)
02/01/12 14:27:17 DaemonCore: Can't receive command request from xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx (perhaps a timeout?)
02/01/12 14:27:24 Got INVALIDATE_STARTD_ADS

where username is the name of the remote user, submit.host.name is the correct name of the remote submit host and xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx is its IP address.

Other similar lines contain patterns like username@host, never the duplicate form in the case that fails.

Where does the (incorrect) value username@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx come from? I don't see this in any of the Condor config files on our host.

Searches of this list's archives produced hits but not answers.