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Re: [Condor-users] kbbd issues

Will do...thanks Ziliang.

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This is preliminary, but in the process of investigating the issue, I
am fairly confident in declaring kbdd busted in 7.6.1 (and it's
looking like it's been busted, again, for quite a few versions),
irrespective of the issue you saw, Eric.  I'll be digging into it more
tomorrow, but it looks like changes made to daemon core have ended up
fubaring kbdd on Windows.  My plans to replace kbdd with something
simpler and hopefully more robust have had its priority increased,

As for the issue you saw, Eric, there's a connectivity issue that
seemed to have prevented kbdd from renewing its security session with
the startd.  This could easily range from a firewall issue to the kbdd
somehow using the wrong IP address or port when trying to talk to the
startd.  If you see the issue again, best bet would be to look at the
kbdd logs to see which IP and port it is trying to talk to, and
whether those match the IP and port of the machine and the startd.


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