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Re: [Condor-users] condor_q

Hi again Lou,
condor_q -better-analyze Job_Id
i.e. condor_q -better-analyze 100.1
and paste the output here, so we can help you to find the error.

Good night.

On 2/9/12, LAOUCHEDI MAKHLOUF <laoumakhl@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> hi all
>        i am new in condor, i use it from time to time to submit jobs (fiber
> tracking), i used condor_q command to see the status (the jobs were running
> for long time than required) and it displays "H" for the status.  it is for
> the first time i notice this . does anyone have an idea.
> thanks

Edier Alberto Zapata Hernández
Ingeniero de Sistemas
Universidad de Valle