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[Condor-users] shadow exceptions privsep_create_dir error

I have run an autodock job (1088 jobs) which ran successfully. In the log file, I saw the following shadow exceptions

007 (5770665.000.000) 01/13 17:58:55 Shadow exception!
        Error from slot4@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx: CondorPrivSepHelper::initialize_sandbox: privsep_create_dir error on /var/lib/condor/execute/slot4/dir_23039

These were 2415 in total. The highest number of times a single job got this shadow exception was 25. 

What might be the reason behind this shadow exception?

Is it because the number of jobs I am submitting at the same time = 1088 and I am hogging the submit node with these many number of jobs? Should I throttle the job submission ie., submit fewer jobs, wait for a certain time and then submit more?


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