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Re: [Condor-users] setting up condor pool

You need to set the CONDOR_HOST attribute in your condor_config file.

As this is going to be the same for all machines in your pool you want to set this value the global config file and not the local file.

Once this is done you might find that your machines are not allowed to talk to each other because of condor's default host authorization. This is a basic authorization used by condor to control access based on hostnames. To make sure everything is running just allow read/write to anyone.


Then you can go back later and fine tune the host authorization or switch to a more secure method.

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Hi everyone, thanks for all the help so far (Thomas!). I can now start up Condor daemons on 3 of my machines which is great. The problem is they don’t seem to know about each other. Which made me realize that I never actually told my execute machines how to get in touch with the master. Can someone tell me how to do this? I have a master set up as a submit machine and two others that are just execute machines. Appreciate the input. Thanks!


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