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[Condor-users] heterogeneous submission of an executable


I saw in the manual that I could do heterogeneous submission of files using:
A common use of this macro is for the heterogeneous submission of an executable:
executable = povray.$$(opsys).$$(arch)
file:///C:/Users/Mac/Downloads/condor-V7_6_6-Manual.pdf p.857

The problem is that my pool is mostly windows but highly heterogeneous and my scripts are all the same. Is there a easy way to address all machine (sort of a WinAll?). I tried some variations of the code below but I always get an error.

OpSysWindows = (OpSys=="WINNT50"|| OpSys=="WINNT51"|| OpSys=="WINNT52"|| OpSys=="WINNT61")
OpSysLinux = (OpSys=="LINUX")
ExecutableName = ifThenElse($(OpSysWindows), "OnWindows", "OnLinux" )

Universe = vanilla
requirements = (Arch=="x86"|| Arch=="x86_64") && ($(OpSysWindows)|| $(OpSysLinux)) && Memory>=2000
Executable = Run_$$(ExecutableName).bat


T. Mac.