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Re: [Condor-users] checkpointing for Windows?

Ralph Finch wrote on Thu, 16 Feb 2012 12:58:15:
> We run on a Windows-only pool and implement suspension of jobs on busy
> machines, which is a lot better than having them killed. We put a
> limit on the total suspend time; it seems to work well since most
> people use their computer for several minutes, then do something else,
> come back...the suspended jobs can eke out enough time during the day,
> then run nearly 100% at night.
> RF

Dear RF,

Would you be so kind to share your configurations about how to achieve this?
Does it require merely a proper configuration on the pool PCs?

Here is what I have on our WinXP pool PCs:

StartIdleTime = 5 * $(MINUTE)
ContinueIdleTime = 5 * $(MINUTE)
MaxSuspendTime = 5 * $(MINUTE)
MaxVacateTime = 5 * $(MINUTE)

Should I increase the "MaxSuspendTime"?
Is MaxVacateTime irrelevant here, as the Win jobs cannot checkpoint?

Thank you.