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[Condor-users] Dynamic Partitioning Updating Memory Usage

I've configured condor to use dynamic slot partitioning, however the memory size for the dynamic slots are never updated.  When my jobs run, each dynamic slot always has a memory size of 1 and never grows with the image size of the job. It is my understanding that once a dynamic slot is allocated the resources assigned to it cannot change.  To work around this I've tried to configure condor to preempt a job if its image size grows larger than the memory allocated to the slot.  However, my jobs are never preempted even though image size shown by condor_q is considerably larger than the amount of memory available in the dynamic slot as shown by condor_status.  Below are my preemption settings from the condor configuration. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

RAN_FOR_A_BIT = $(StateTimer) > (10 * $(MINUTE))
PRIORITY_EXCEEDED = RemoteUserPrio > SubmittorPrio * 1.2
MEMORY_EXCEEDED = (TARGET.ImageSize/1024*0.7) > (Memory*1.0)