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[Condor-users] Persistent offline machines ads when using a third party power management tool?

It seems like it should work but in my 7.6.5 pool any machine that's hibernated by third party (external to Condor) power management software fails to end up with an OFFLINE=True attribute in the machine ad at the collector and subsequently disappears from my list of machines so it cannot be woken up by Rooster.

Condor appears to know that it's being hibernated. I see the following the MasterLog for the machine when the third party tool starts the machine hibernation procedure:

01/26/12 09:17:13 PowerEventHander: Some driver/application is asking if we can enter hibernation
01/26/12 09:17:15 PowerEventHander: Machine entering hibernation

Looking through the source it doesn't appear that the event handler for this event does anything. There's no sign that it's updating the machine ad to let the collector know it's going offline. When the collector-side OfflineCollectorPlugin runs the ad is purged, not off lined. If I set the offline attribute on the machine ad to true before hibernating the machine by hand everything works. Unfortunately I don't seem to be able to run a script from the hibernation tool that's in use, so I can't (at least not without great difficulty) follow this approach in the third party tool.

Is it not possible to have this third party hibernation offline the machine ad when the hibernate signal is trapped?

(This is on Windows BTW…)

- Ian

Ian Chesal

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