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[Condor-users] Can Condor Solve this Scheduling problem ?

Hi Condor Users,


I have a curious scheduling problem to solve and I hope an experienced user can help me out here.

Thanks in Advance!




My compute infrastructure is made of many Racks. Each rack has a set of blades dedicated for computation.

Currently, each rack is dedicated to a particular compute task.




All compute tasks (on all racks) are MPI jobs.

Not all racks are busy all the time and hence I am looking at a scheduler to scale my MPI jobs effectively.

There is one more complication here.

My MPI jobs are iterative. Each iteration runs not more than 2 seconds.





I just read Condor manual and have briefly experimented with it.

My main problem is latency. If Condor takes even 1 second to reserve machines for my job, I have already lost my game.

Can someone throw some light on what is the expected latency for reserving machines (assume 1 Gbps Ethernet network reserving for 20 machines) ?



If I model my individual MPI runs as DAGMan Jobs (to enforce dependency), then each Job will create a separate Cluster anyway and I will be in latency trouble.

Alternatively, I could actually create a “Job Cluster” – which will execute my iterative MPI runs in a single cluster of nodes.

This way I can hide my cluster creation latency.

However, I don’t think I can dictate the dependencies within a Job Cluster using “DAGMan”.

DAGMan only works at “Job Cluster” level. I don’t think it works at Process level inside a Cluster.

How do I use Condor to solve this problem ?



I understand Condor provides Webservice APIs.

Is there a way to request Condor to reserve some machines (based on a ClassAd) and block them for MPI runs and release them later on?



If Condor cannot solve this, Can you give a recommendation for an alternate scheduler?



Say, If I end up writing my own custom scheduler for this, Can anyone point out relevant technologies that will be useful?




Best Regards,



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