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[Condor-users] Submission of large numbers of jobs

If one has a large number of jobs to submit - say 100,000 jobs - what is the
recommended way of doing this?  Can simply submitting that number of jobs
cause problems?  These jobs will take their input from a shared filesystem.

>From what I've read, each job will take ~10KB of RAM in schedd, so 100K jobs
would be about 1G of RAM just for the job queue.  If I can afford that, is
there anything else to worry about?

I note that dagman has the ability to submit only a limited number of jobs
at a time (maxjobs, maxidle):

Presumably this is by drip-feeding its own list of jobs in the DAG into the
main condor queue.  So would it be better to create a DAG with 100K nodes
(and no parent-child relationships) and submit the jobs that way?