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Re: [Condor-users] condor_lint?

I've now written the first version of this that our users are just
starting to try.
The sort of info it reports from a submit file is:

$ ./condor_lint submit.txt
condor_lint: NOTE: No Universe=... supplied (defaults to Universe=Standard
and not Vanilla)
condor_lint: NOTE: No Log=LogFileName supplied (can make debugging harder)
condor_lint: NOTE: Your supplied executable appears to be a shell script
but looks like it was prepared under Windows with carriage return
characters at end of lines (submitting such will cause your job to be Held
indefinitely. Also, check any other text data files - use dos2unix if
condor_lint: NOTE: No Error=ErrorFileName supplied (can make debugging
much harder)
condor_lint: NOTE: No Output=OutputFileName supplied (you will not see
anything printed to the standard output channel)
condor_lint: NOTE: You appear to be Queuing multiple jobs that may use the
same output files (use Filename$(Process) or Initialdir)
condor_lint: NOTE: When testing for the presence of a classad (HAS_*) you
should use equality/inequality operators that cope with the classad being
Undefined (=?=, =!=)
condor_lint: NOTE: Specifying Memory under Requirements is deprecated, and
your jobs may never run (use a line: Request_Memory=m). See also
condor_lint: NOTE: With Request_Memory=1 if your job's memory grows
significantly or is otherwise evicted it will then not match due to the
conflict with the new ImageSize. See also

It is deliberately specific to our Condor pool
(i.e. Linux only but some people submit from Windows; dynamic slots; 99.9%
vanilla jobs; etc.).
However, if anyone want to have a look, I'm happy to send you a link to it.

On 06/07/2012 11:20, "Ian Cottam" <Ian.Cottam@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Colleagues and I are thinking of writing a "condor_lint" script. That is,
>something that does further checks on a user's submission. It would just
>issue warnings with links to our FAQ and other help pages.
>We would wrap condor_submit and condor_submit_dag, so that it would always
>get called first, before the actual submission.
>An example would be looking for "#!/bin/bash\r" at the start of shell
>scripts (as we are a Linux pool but many people prepare jobs under
>We can post it here when done; but first I would like to ask if anyone
>else has one?
>Ian Cottam
>IT Services -- supporting research
>Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences
>The University of Manchester
>"The only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks." Mark
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