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Re: [Condor-users] Blocking Resources

Thank you Greg for the interesting pointers.

Parallel Universe does offer quite interesting features.


However, I don’t think it guarantees that my successive MPI jobs will re-use the same machines.

Is it possible to get that guarantee?

I am looking for the guarantee so that I can completely eliminate scheduling overhead.


I was just thinking if I could use a single “Job cluster” and run different processes one after another ( manually enforcing the wait)

I think I can do it easily with web-services. Not sure if I can get that with “condor_submit”.

Any thoughts?

“Job cluster” should guarantee ~zero scheduling overhead, Correct?



Best Regards,



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Is it possible to do the following using condor?


Block a few machines;

Use them for some jobs, say MPI jobs;

Release a subset (or) acquire more machines

Use them for some more jobs

Iterate like this before finally relinquishing all resources…


Can such a thing be possible with Condor?

You can do something pretty close to this with the parallel universe.

See the manual section "Condor's Dedicated Scheduling"


for details on how to set this up.  The biggest difference from your request is that you can't release
a subset, you must release all of the machines allocated to your parallel job at once.  However, the
machines stay claimed by the schedd for a while, so if you release the machine, then request more within
a short time frame, the request should be serviced quickly.




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