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[Condor-users] Dedicated execute account: Bug in 7.8.1?

Dear all,

We have a small condor cluster of 10 dedicated machines running on window 7 (64bit). One additional machine is the submitting node. All executing nodes are configured with dynamic slots and run jobs under special dedicated account:

SLOT1_USER = ourdom\worker

The installed condor version was 7.6.6 and everything were running just smoothly!

I did the upgrade to the latest 7.8.1 version and the mechanism of dedicated users simply stopped working!
I mean that you still can successfully submit a job and the job would be running but under the "standard condor-reuse-slot1_1" account instead of "ourdom\worker" (as it was before!). And not a single error message can be find in logs...
So I had to downgrade back to 7.6.6 version and get back the previous functionality!

I wonder what is wrong with 7.8.1? Is it a bug or something important is missed in our config files?

Thanks for helping!