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Re: [Condor-users] Fast job execution and matchmaking

Hi Guy,

What is the job universe?

I don't think Intervals are related to job scheduling latency though I may be wrong.
I think it is better you keep the intervals back to 300.

Did you ever try with the default intervals?
Do you observe 9 second latency for each and every job that you fire?
Did you try firing jobs continuously in a shell script (say some 100 jobs) and see what happen?

Best Regards,

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We have a local condor pool in our university lab.
a condor master and several quad core computers 
(all with the same hardware).

We want to run many small condor jobs, and we want 
very fast matchmaking/execution.

I did set all the intervals in the config file to 
1sec (instead of 300). we don't care about the network 
traffic between them because it is just 20 cores and not 2000.

The weird thing is it still takes 8 or 9 seconds 
until a job executes...

Any way to make it faster? maybe a config parameter 
that i am missing?

Could i set an interval of under 1 second?

Maybe i can change something in the source codes?

Sorry about all the questions..... hoping that someone can help.



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