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Re: [Condor-users] Dedicated Scheduling - Submit machine constraint

Thank you very much Greg! 

It is good to understand motivations behind a design! 
Thanks for your reply!

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> All,
> I am trying to understand the motivation behind dedicated-scheduling jobs having to be submitted only from the "DedicatedScheduler" machine?
> So, What if, multiple machines submit these jobs?
> Can't they somehow allocate some "N" machines from Central Manager and proceed?
> Will this cause some kind of deadlock?
Deadlock is indeed the reason.  Something a bit subtle about the way the 
dedicated scheduler works is that it "holds onto" and accumulates 
machines it gets from the negotiator until it gets enough to run a whole 
parallel job.  This process may take several negotiation cycles.  The 
negotiator doesn't know about parallel jobs.  So, if more than one 
scheduler were doing this, there would be a good possibility for deadlock.


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