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[Condor-users] Question about using Condor in a non-Grid environment

Hi everyone,


We recently started looking into resource management and job queue tools and Condor showed up as a highly recommended solution. However, from scanning through the documentation I'm not sure if it makes sense to use it in our environment, so I'd greatly appreciate some feedback.


We currently have an in-house developed tool that runs jobs on a set of machines (Linux-based servers, Linux clients and Windows clients).  Currently we have to specify the specific resources for each new job (i.e. each job needs to specify servers and clients by hostnames). This leads to systems idling around for large amounts of time which we want to avoid in the future. This is where we would like to use a system like Condor. Our in-house tool should still manage the network communication between the servers and clients, we just want to use Condor as a resource management tool and job queue.


So basically we want Condor to manage a set of resources (say 20 servers, 20 linux clients and 20 windows clients) and then accept job requests like "Add a job to the queue that needs 2 available servers, 1 linux client and 1 windows client". Once the resources are available Condor should start our in-house tool, which then runs the job on the systems. Ideally, we don't want to install any Software on the servers / clients and only install the software on the system that is starting the jobs.


Would you recommend to use Condor in such an environment or doesn't it match the Condor design?