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[Condor-users] "condor_q -format ... Requirements" only prints single queue element

We just upgraded from condor 7.2.4 (as shipped with ubuntu10.04) to
to condor-7.8.1-43996-deb_6.0_amd64.deb (ubuntu12.04)
and now the previously working command:

condor_q -format "%s\n" Requirements

only returns exactly one "record", regardless of the number of elements
in the queue. Asking for other attributes works as expected. Can anybody
confirm this behavior?


The rest our custom condor_q query works fine, e.g.:

 condor_q \
   -format "%d\t" JobStatus     \
   -format "%d" ClusterId         -format ".%d\t" ProcId        \
   -format "%d\t" JobPrio       \
   -format "%s\t" RemoteHost    \
   -format "%d\t" EnteredCurrentStatus \
   -format "%s\t" Cmd           \
   -format "\t%s\n" Owner

But as soon as a    -format "%s\t" Requirements
is present anywere, it only prints a single condor_q entry - but it
still prints that single entry entirely and correct, i.e. it does print ALL

condor_q -long also shows all queue entries and the correct Requirements