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[Condor-users] Use Condor for what?

Hi guys,

I'm just starting with Condor, I'm studying and trying to understand the tool, and for what it's used.
I've already read a lot of documentations in the site of Condor and I have understood a lot of things, but I'm with some doubts yet.
I was wondering for what it's used in a real world? Where can I found some real examples, or programs that have used that tool.
I've already a environment installed with Condor, and I've already submited a simple example found here:

and it have worked nice. But it was very simple, and I would like to know how it can be used to work with distributed computing. I saw in the documentation that the support to PVM is not available anymore, so how can I work with distributed applications?

Can anyone give me some directions on where to found a example used in the real word, or some example that take some time running and explores the distributed computing concepts?

Thanks in advance.

Lucian Thomaz