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[Condor-users] Condor deployment on multiple distributed resources


probably this subject has been already discussed previously, but being new to the mailing list, I take the liberty of asking again

we're getting 'cold feet' on the grid technologies and we'd like to explore alternative possibilities for accessing distributed resources
in a manner that allow us to reduce the operational overhead footprint at the individual sites and, at the same time, that would give us also access to private/public cloud infrastructures as a mean to expand the resource portfolio

in this context, we'd like to understand whether and how condor could be used as a central component to achieve this level of integration/aggregation

more specifically:
- how condor could/should be deployed in order to aggregate various distributed computing clusters each of them controlled by a different incarnation of a batch system (SGE, LSF, PBS, Slurm)
- what components needs to be deployed ? (please do not tell me we need to deploy globus on each site... :)
- is it possible to avoid deploy anything at the individual site level ?
- what would be the authentication mechanism in this case ?
- how private/public cloud resources could be integrated ?
- how the whole thing would be used from the client side ?

the usage idea would be to develop application-specific tools on top of such infrastructure, thus it it also very important to minimise the number of component deployed (if possible)

thanks for any hint

Sergio :)

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