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[Condor-users] flocking / CCB

I'm trying to get a test job to flock between FSU and USF here in Florida.

As our cluster is on a private network and we have a public IP only on the central manager I added the following to condor_config on the central manager - 

PRIVATE_NETWORK_NAME = fsu-hpc-condor-private

I added CCB_ADDRESS and the same PRIVATE_NETWORK_NAME to the processing nodes' condor_config.

So far as I can tell the CCB daemon runs on the collector so I don't need to explicitly set it to run. 

I must be missing something simple in the setup.  I see errors that read - 
06/09/12 16:39:05 CCBListener: failed to receive message from CCB server

I ran condor_reconfig on the processing nodes.  Do I need to restart condor on all the nodes as a result of the change?  The error message makes me think not.

Any pointers to debug this would be appreciated.

Thanks for the help.