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[Condor-users] making condor aware of isolcpus/cpu subset


I am using Condor 7.8 on RHEL 5 machines that use isolcpus boot option to exclude a couple of physical cores from regular process scheduling (these cores are dedicated to I/O processing). It appears that Condor is having a hard time recognizing that these CPUs are not available for job scheduling: it tries to run its benchmark on each core and only figures out that a core is unavailable when it times out (takes hours to settle).

We have attempted to configure Condor with 1 slot per available core, but there does not seem to be a way to bind slots to specific physical core indices -- is that true or have we just not found the right configuration options? I would appreciate any insight into how to make Condor aware of a restricted cpuset available for scheduling.

Thank you in advance,