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Re: [Condor-users] Grid jobs not starting after upgrade

Hi Torsten--where did you get the condor 7.8.1 from, it makes
a difference. Some distros (Fedora-like) don't have the CREAM support and some of the other grid universe types built in. If you got it
from the condor web site you should be OK.

In the condor 7.8.x distribution  there are some globus libraries
that come with that condor, and those are the ones that condor is
expecting to have.  It may be difficult to get them in the LD_LIBRARY_PATH
ahead of the ones that gLite is inserting in the system PATH but that is what you need to do. In the RPM version of condor they are in /usr/lib64/condor, in the tarball they are probably under the lib directory.

Steve Timm

On Wed, 20 Jun 2012, Torsten Harenberg wrote:

Dear all,

(sorry if this is the wrong list to ask, first time that I get in touch with the Condor team / user community).

I run a so called "pilot factory" for the ATLAS experiment an CERN. This is a Python run submitting jobs via Condor-G to several computing centers.

It runs on a small machine which has a gLite UI installed (re-locatable UI) and Condor plus the "pilot factory".

After running for years, I upgraded Condor (to 7.8.1) and the gLite UI (which also delivers Globus, to the newest 3.2 release) I don't see any new job to start, they are all in "idle" state, for example:


I see two issues:


GridManager.log shows:

06/20/12 11:15:41 [2958] ERROR "Bad GRAM_GET_JOBMANAGER_VERSION Request: Empty response" at line 2263 in file /slots/10/dir_28076/userdir/src/condor_gridmanager/gahp-client.cpp


Condor complains with every command:

[root@pilot condor]# condor_q
condor_q: /opt/globus/lib/libglobus_gssapi_gsi_gcc64dbg.so.0: no version information available (required by /usr/lib64/condor/libcondor_utils_7_8_1.so)

As said, the library is delivered with the gLite UI, unfortunately it's pretty old:

[root@pilot condor]# ls -l /opt/globus/lib/libglobus_gssapi_gsi_gcc64dbg.so.0
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 38 Jun 20 10:39 /opt/globus/lib/libglobus_gssapi_gsi_gcc64dbg.so.0 -> libglobus_gssapi_gsi_gcc64dbg.so.0.0.0
[root@pilot condor]# ls -l /opt/globus/lib/libglobus_gssapi_gsi_gcc64dbg.so.0.0.0
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 799828 Sep 22  2009 /opt/globus/lib/libglobus_gssapi_gsi_gcc64dbg.so.0.0.0

I hope I can get some advise from here.

Thanks and best regards,


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