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Re: [Condor-users] Behavior of Condor jobs held for file transfer errors

Removing jobs that are on hold can be achieved by using the periodic_remove expression in the job submit file or by the SYSTEM_PERIODIC_REMOVE expression in the submit machine condor configuration.


SYSTEM_PERIODIC_REMOVE = HoldReasonCode == 12 || HoldReasonCode == 14

The HoldReasonCodes are defined in the manual:



On 6/20/12 12:25 PM, Myung Cho wrote:
Hi , I did a quick search for this topic but haven't found any
relevant posts. Is there a way to change/specify the default behavior
in Condor for jobs with file transfer errors? Our jobs with any error
in file transfer, for example a missing file specified in
transfer_output_files, seem to cause the job to be in held state for
ever. Is there a way for the job to just complete with error? I rather
see it finish with an error reported rather than have it just hang
around in hold state.

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