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[Condor-users] queue_super_users and setting the job owner in a submit file


I would like to give a system account ("superaccount") on a submit node the ability to submit jobs as other users.  All nodes (submit, master, execute) are running Linux with condor version 7.8.0 and will have duplicate user accounts (not using kerberos), including the superaccount.  I modified the condor_config.local to include the following:

QUEUE_SUPER_USERS       = root, condor, superaccount

However, when I try to perform a submit as "superaccount", I get the following error:

$ condor_submit simple.sub
Submitting job(s)
ERROR: Failed to set Owner="someuser" for job 14424.0 (13)

ERROR: Failed to queue job.

The SchedLog has the following error:

SetAttribute security violation: setting owner to "someuser" when active owner is "superaccount"

My submit file looks like the following:

Universe   = vanilla
Executable = simple.sh
Arguments  =
Log        = simple.log
Output     = simple.out
Error      = simple.error
+Owner     = "someuser"
transfer_executable = True
should_transfer_files = yes

It's clear that I'm missing a configuration setting.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Also, any advice on additional security settings that should be used in conjunction with QUEUE_SUPER_USERS would also be appreciated.

Thank you,