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Re: [Condor-users] 7.8 Upgrade Issues

On 6/20/2012 8:40 PM, Francesco Pierfederici wrote:

I just upgraded a small development cluster from 7.6.1 to 7.8.1 using the YUM repository. I noticed two things:

1. The upgrade wiped my local configs (both condor_config.local and all the files in /etc/condor/config.d/). Not a big deal to me, but something worth considering for future releases.

2. I am now seeing a lot more jobs in idle state than before. I am running a test DAG which at some point starts a cluster of 4 jobs. 3 of them start (jobs 1, 2, 3) while job 0 stays idle and is picked up at a later negotiation cycle. The next node in the DAG is then scheduled and stays idle for several negotiation cycles before being executed.

Am I doing something wrong or is there some configuration knob I should be looking into? I attach my config file as well as the Negotiator log, in case it helps.


Is there a small test case you can send along to reproduce the problem? For instance, re the above, are those the only four jobs submitted? Could you share submit file(s) that reproduce the problem at your site?