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[Condor-users] arguments string with single quotes

I’m having trouble with the proper syntax for including single quotes in an arguments string in a submit file.  I’m trying to pass an arguments string that looks like this:


subarg1='val1' subarg2='val2' subarg3='val3'


Here’s what I’ve tried so far and what the result was:


arguments = “'subarg1=''val1''' 'subarg2=''val2''' 'subarg3=''val3'''” (this seems consistent with the Condor Manual)

result: subarg1=''''val1'''' subarg2=''''val2'''' subarg3=''''val3'''' (each pair of single quotes turns into 4 single quotes)


arguments = “subarg1=''val1'' subarg2=''val2'' subarg3=''val3''”

result: subarg1= val1 subarg2= val2 subarg3= val3 (each pair of single quotes becomes a space)


arguments = “subarg1='val1' subarg2='val2' subarg3='val3'”

result: subarg1=val1 subarg2=val2 subarg3=val3 (all single quotes are removed)


Does anyone know what syntax I should use to produce my desired string?  I am running Condor 7.6.3.




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