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Re: [Condor-users] Linux 3 kernel

On 12/03/2012 10:42, "Hermann Fuchs" <hermann.fuchs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

>In fact condor 7.4 will work on linux machines with kernel 3.x.
>However you will use all information concerning cpu usage, so no
>suspension is possible.
>If you adapt the configuration files accordingly,it will work though. We
>did that until the new version 7.6.6 came out.
>Mixing different condor versions worked fine in our pool as well.


As I said, 7.6.6 is working fine alongside our mainly 7.4.4 pool.
Regarding your comment that 7.4.4 could work with Linux 3 kernels, it was
Dynamic Slots that caused the most grief for me. Just out of interest, did
you ever use the combination
Linux 3 + Condor 7.4.4. + dynamic slots?


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