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[Condor-users] Condor Week 2012: an opportunity to learn and connect

Hello Condor Users and Collaborators,

We want to remind you about the upcoming Condor Week 2012 conference in beautiful Madison, WI May 1-4. We have a lot of excellent talks lined up, and you can view them on the conference web page. If you're interested in giving a talk about how you use or deploy Condor, please let Alain Roy (roy@xxxxxxxxxxx) know soon.

Our latest production release of Condor, version 7.8.0, will be available before the conference. When you attend, you will learn how to take advantage of the latest features such as improved multi-core support, job isolation, IPv6 support, and new dynamic statistics that help you understand what is happening in your Condor pool. You'll also get a peek into new features we're working for the next release--something you can only get at Condor Week!

We will have a variety of in-depth tutorials, talks, and panels where you can not only learn more about Condor, but you can also learn how other people are using and deploying Condor. Best of all you can establish contacts and learn best practices from people in industry, government and academia who are using Condor to solve hard problems, many of which may be similar to those facing you.

You can register, get the hotel details and see the agenda overview on the Condor Week 2012 site. See you soon in Madison!


The Condor Team