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[Condor-users] Condor success stories website: only one example without relevant informatoin?!?!


I've been trying to set up a local Condor network at my university (in Korea) using public library PCs. Initially the library administration was reluctant ("will our PCs become less stable?"), but by now they have come around; we are about to officially launching the Condor service campus-wide, but we/they want to show a number of "success stories". I myself had two students who have used our Condor network for their research, but we also want a few striking examples from other places......

So I checked the Condor website, where there is a link to "Success stories", but the list here is surprisingly meager:


It's just one story, which tells very little about Condor, but mostly scientific information.

First: I'm surprised there's only one story here!

Second: I think "Success stories" here should minimize the hard-core scientific information, but instead explain how Condor has been used. For example, show a sample submit file, say something about the used code, explain the size of the Condor pool and type of PCs in the pool, how many hours of calculation etc.
I think for success stories on a Condor website, the science itself is less important, but the way Condor has been used is mostly relevant to and interesting for the "general" Condor user.

Maybe it would be helpful to make some kind of template input form, where users can enter their success stories; by using a template, you can focus on the Condor aspects of the story and minimize the scientific information......