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[Condor-users] Condor Interactive Jobs and Ease of Config Changes while in prodcution

Dear condor-users,

@v7.6.5; please bare with me if i make no sense, because i come from
"SGE" world.

i am here to identify what is the best way for me to setup condor to
accept interactive jobs.

i read some old
and was going to follow up  instructions. based on my reading i see
that we would need to run condor_reconfig -all once I set "False"
values to few of config variables on all of the local config files and
global config file.

what i am not sure about is, if i were to do so, would it affect any
of the existing jobs running on nodes. is there a way i could change
both the global and local config files and not affect the running

please let me know if i do not make sense.

best regards!