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[Condor-users] Call for Participation: IEEE MTAGS 2012 at SC12 on November 12th -- Win a Google Nexus 7!

Call for Participation

The 5th Workshop on Many-Task Computing on Grids and Supercomputers (MTAGS) 2012
November 12th, 2012
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Co-located with with IEEE/ACM International Conference for
High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis (SC12)

Location: 155-C
Date: November 12th, 2012
Time: 9AM - 5:30PM

The 5th workshop on Many-Task Computing on Grids and Supercomputers (MTAGS) will
provide the scientific community a dedicated forum for presenting new research,
development, and deployment efforts of large-scale many-task computing (MTC)
applications on large scale clusters, Grids, Supercomputers, and Cloud Computing
infrastructure. The workshop will be co-located with the IEEE/ACM Supercomputing 2012
Conference in Salt Lake City Utah on November 12th, 2012. For more information, please
see http://datasys.cs.iit.edu/events/MTAGS12/.

Some highlights of the upcoming workshop program:
* Win a Google Nexus 7 tablet (visit http://datasys.cs.iit.edu/events/MTAGS12/prize.html);
  Must be present at 5:30PM on November 12th, 2012, at the workshop to win.
* Keynote Talk: Adaptive Runtime Systems meet needs of many task computing by
                Dr. Laxmikant (Sanjay) Kale, Professor of Computer Science, University
                of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
* Invited Talk: Petascale Challenge Award: Data Management for Parallel Scripting, by
                Zhao Zhang (UChicago)
* Invited Talk: Biggest Impact Award: IaaS Cloud Benchmarking: Approaches, Challenges,
                and Experience, by Alex Iosup (TUDelft)
* Invited Talk: Cloud Challenge Award: Portable Data Mining on Azure and HPC Platforms,
                by Judy Qiu (IndianaU)
* Paper Talk:   Accessible Datastore of High-Throughput Calculations: Experiences from
                the Materials Project
* Paper Talk:   Resource Management for Dynamic MapReduce Clusters in Multicluster
* Paper Talk:   A Comparative Study of Data Processing Approaches for Text Processing
* Paper Talk:   A Scalable Master-Worker Architecture for PaaS Clouds
* Paper Talk:   HOG:Distributed Hadoop MapReduce on the Grid
* Paper Talk:   A Hybrid Scheduling Approach for Scalable Heterogeneous Hadoop Systems
* Paper Talk:   Software-as-a-Service: The iPlant Foundation API
General Chairs
    Ioan Raicu, Illinois Institute of Technology & Argonne National Laboratory, USA
    Ian Foster, University of Chicago & Argonne National Laboratory, USA
    Yong Zhao, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, China
Program Committee Chair
    Justin Wozniak, Argonne National Laboratory, USA
Generous sponsorship has been confirmed from University of Chicago (Computation Institute)
and Illinois Institute of Technology (College of Science and Letters, and Graduate School)!
See http://datasys.cs.iit.edu/events/MTAGS12/index.html#Sponsors for more details.

Ioan Raicu, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT)
Guest Research Faculty, Argonne National Laboratory (ANL)
Data-Intensive Distributed Systems Laboratory, CS/IIT
Distributed Systems Laboratory, MCS/ANL
Cel:    1-847-722-0876
Office: 1-312-567-5704
Email:  iraicu@xxxxxxxxxx
Web:    http://www.cs.iit.edu/~iraicu/
Web:    http://datasys.cs.iit.edu/