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[HTCondor-users] email list name change completed

As you may have noticed, the email list name change procedure described below is now complete. If you encounter any issues, you may post them to this list if you are able to do so, or email 'condor-admin at cs.wisc.edu' if you suspect this list is malfunctioning for you.

Thank you,
UW-Madison HTCondor Team

-------- Original Message --------

In order to match the name change of the Condor software to HTCondor
(*see below for details), be aware the name of this email list will be
changing from "condor-users" to "htcondor-users". This switchover is
scheduled for Weds Nov 7th @ 10am central USA time. You will see the
change reflected in the subject line and email headers (such as
reply-to, list-id).  For instance, the start of the subject line will
switch from "[Condor-users]" to "[HTCondor-users]".  You may want to
adjust any personal automatic email filters accordingly. We anticipate
the switchover will take less than two hours. During the switchover,
there could be a delay of email delivery and the archives may be

Other than the above, the impact to you should be minimal because: i)
anyone subscribed to condor-users will be subscribed to htcondor-users,
ii) email sent to condor-users@xxxxxxxxxxx will be automatically
forwarded to htcondor-users@xxxxxxxxxxx, iii) the condor-users archive
of old messages will be moved to htcondor-users, and iv) web URLs to the condor-users list page will be redirected to the new htcondor-users page.

Thank you,
UW-Madison HTCondor Team