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[HTCondor-users] How to change Condor's spool, execute, etc. directories?


My Linux/Fedora-17 system has the default Condor rpm from the Fedora yum repository.
At present it has Condor version 7.9.1.

The yum install creates the directory /var/lib/condor for all of Condor's book keeping etc.

I then tried to find out where this directory is set in the Condor configuration files:

but there is no mentioning of the /var/lib/condor directory at all.

However, the system has a user "condor" with a home directory "/var/lib/condor".
Is this how Condor figures out where the spool, execute, etc. directories are?

Hence, if I want to change the condor book keeping directory, I only have to change
the home directory of the condor user. Is that correct?