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Re: [HTCondor-users] How to change Condor's spool, execute, etc. directories?

Hi Rob,

often settings in condor are internally defined (i.e. a default or system reference (e.g. the IP)) or reference other variables, so just searching for the full string isn't very helpful. It is generally better to look for configuration settings by using the condor_config_val tool and grepping for a reliable identifier. For example,
$ condor_config_val -dump | grep -i spool
should show you all settings containing spool in either key or value.

Once you know the name of a variable, you can use -verbose to locate it, e.g.
$ condor_config_val -verbose SPOOL
will show you where the SPOOL variable is currently defined. Note that this will only show you the last place where it has been defined (e.g. previous definitions being overwritten are not shown), so you may still want to grep for it in addition.

The variables for spool and excute folder are
by the way.


On 11/09/2012 02:35 AM, Rob wrote:


My Linux/Fedora-17 system has the default Condor rpm from the Fedora yum repository.
At present it has Condor version 7.9.1.

The yum install creates the directory /var/lib/condor for all of Condor's book keeping etc.

I then tried to find out where this directory is set in the Condor configuration files:

but there is no mentioning of the /var/lib/condor directory at all.

However, the system has a user "condor" with a home directory "/var/lib/condor".
Is this how Condor figures out where the spool, execute, etc. directories are?

Hence, if I want to change the condor book keeping directory, I only have to change
the home directory of the condor user. Is that correct?


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