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Re: [HTCondor-users] VirtualBox: Guest user vs. Condor account!?!

The VirtualBox solution in that presentation was different.
There a VirtualBox virtual machine was running ALL THE TIME and
Condor was installed on that virtual machine. So the Condor communication
was between the Condor Manager and the virtual machine directly.

This is not what Condor offeres as VM universe, and it is not what I want,

* the virtualbox software is ALWAYS running; the library IT guys here will not like that.

* you cannot send your own virtual machine with the job description.


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On Sat, 2012-11-17 at 06:57 -0600, Matt Renzelmann wrote:
> If the VM universe does not support anything newer than VMware
> Server 1.0 images 

We've used relatively recent version of VMWare Workstation with the VM
universe after patching the vmware plugin. The link[1] to the patch is
below. I can't promise that it still works, but as of about a year ago
it worked on both Windows and Linux hosts.

As for VirtualBox, there was a presentation at Condor Week a few years
ago about using VirtualBox at Marquette University. I don't know if that
gentleman is still on the list, but if not you might be able to find
useful information in his archived presentation.

[1] http://web.rcac.purdue.edu/boilergrid/windows/condor_vm_vmware.diff

Ben Cotton
Purdue University
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