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Re: [HTCondor-users] Vanilla submit jobs and the executable argument

Should_transfer_executable = false

This is what I use to execute a program already present on the execution host.

Am 21.11.2012 00:09 schrieb "Michael O'Donnell" <odonnellm@xxxxxxxx>:
I need to write a submit file that references an executable on the client side (execute node), but I recently discovered that the executable argument specified in the submit file requires the executable to exist on the submit machine as well. Basically, I am referencing a python executable and I need to reference a 64 bit version located on the execute nodes, but not installed on the submit machine. When I changed this out an error was thrown stating the executable could not be found before the job was queued by HTCondor. I tried removing the executable argument in the submit file but this throws an error (a file and/or path is required--I was thinking I could include the executable in the Arguments parameter of the submit file). So I am wondering if there is some way to do this and whether this is the intended functionality (would make sense for universe submit jobs where programs are linked, but I am using a vanilla job)

I am running HTCondor 7.8.2 on Windows machines only.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can do this (there are proprietary python modules and I do not want to necessarily update python to 64bit on the submit machine. Although this behavior seems counter intuitive to me, there is probably a good reason I just do not see it yet.

This is an example of one of my submit files referencing a 32bit python engine, which resides on the submit node and execute node:
Universe                = vanilla
Executable              = C:\Python26\ArcGIS10.0\python.exe
run_as_owner            = true
Getenv                  = true
Should_transfer_files   = no
Requirements            = ( ArcGIS_VS == "10.0" ) && ( OpSys == "WINDOWS" || OpSys == "WINNT50" || OpSys == "WINNT51" || OpSys == "WINNT60" || OpSys == "WINNT61") && (Arch == "INTEL" || Arch == "X86_64" )
Output                  = \\igskbacbvmfscon\condor$\Public\Users\ODonnell\PrjRas\CondorFiles\Logs\Simulations_Step5b\ExtSimVal_1.out
#Use double quotes around entire Condor argument
#   Use repeated double quotes around each argument passed to python script
#   Use single quotes around directories in maxent list of arguments
Arguments               = "'\\igskbacbvmfscon\condor$\Public\Users\ODonnell\PrjRas\Apps\Simulations\SimulationsData_Extractions_CondorExe.py' 'flt_AOI_10_ced_250_100_sa1_dir2_r1' flt '\\igskbacbvmfscon\condor$\Public\Users\ODonnell\PrjRas\Data\Outputs\Simulations_Step5\SASIM_ERDAS\Job_1\flt_AOI_10_ced_250_100_sa1_dir2_r1_Flipped.img' '\\igskbacbvmfscon\condor$\Public\Users\ODonnell\PrjRas\Data\Outputs\Simulations_Step5\SASIM_ERDAS\Job_1\flt_AOI_10_ced_250_100_sa1_dir2_r1_pLAEA.img' '\\igskbacbvmfscon\condor$\Public\Users\ODonnell\PrjRas\Data\Outputs\Simulations_Step5\SASIM_ERDAS\Job_1\flt_AOI_10_ced_250_100_sa1_dir2_r1_pUTM.img' 1"
Notification            = Never

Thank you for your suggestions,

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