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Re: [HTCondor-users] not seeing Windows 7 CPUs

Quoting "Ziliang Guo" <ziliang@xxxxxxxxxxx>:



in the config file and restart Condor on one of the machines you
believe is not reporting. You'll likely also want to increase the max
log file size for the startd log. Look inside the log to see what IP
address it is reporting to the central manager and whether it actually
matches your machine's actual IP.

I did this last week and found that the IP address matches the one reported by ipconfig.

Another possibility is that you have virtual machine software of some
type installed that created a virtual NIC that Condor is latching

The Windows 7 computer does not have two NICs and is not running VM software.

The Windows firewall is disabled on the Win7 computer, but the computer is running "MS Forefront Endpoint Protection" (new name "MS System Center"). I'm not sure what potential role that plays in this problem.

The Win7 computer's CPUs do not show up in the condor_status listing, but it can be run from the Win7 computer and the HTCondor pool controller, so they are apparently seeing each other.

In past weeks, I've posted pieces from some of the various HTCondor log files. Are there log data that I still need to provide to help diagnose this issue?