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[HTCondor-users] Windows 7 client condor_config file?

I have tweaked the condor_config file a few different ways and re-installed the HTCondor 7.8.4 system a number of times. I've seen posts in this list's archive from people using HTCondor on Windows 7-based pools, so it's apparently been possible in previous versions, but have spent over a month unsuccessfully trying to get even one Win7 client to run jobs and report results back to the manager.

I wonder if the Window 7 environment requires the SEC_<access-level>_AUTHENTICATION authentication parameters and credential processing to be specified where Windows XP does not, so the default values (OPTIONAL according to the manual) are not sufficient. Credential parameters beyond those in a clean installation are currently not being specified. I'm not an admin and don't know how to set up what HTCondor requires.

Could someone who has working Windows 7 clients in an HTCondor pool please post or send an email to me with a (sanitized version of a) condor_config and any other config files (condor_config.local?) that allow a Windows 7 client to work with a Windows 7 manager?

Thank you.