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Re: [Condor-users] Changing Execute dir for window's Condor

What value do you get back from
condor_config_val -v EXECUTE

do you have an environment variable override for EXECUTE?  i.e. does running
set _condor
return anything other than "Environment variable _condor not defined" ?

Did you try restarting condor?  If condor is running as a service, then
condor_off -master
to stop condor, then
net start condor
to start it back up again.

according to the docs, a reconfig is required, but a restart is not, but it would be helpful to know if
a restart caused condor it to pick up the change or not.


On 9/30/2012 6:15 PM, Michael Lanham wrote:
BLUF: I want to change the execute directory for multiple nodes in our cluster, but the config changes I've used do not seem to be working.

- Drive C on some of the nodes does not have a lot of space, executable is not checkpointing, but is creating several GB of intermediate files, and sending several 10^2MB back to submitting node. So I need to ensure I don't crush the system drive on these nodes.

What I've done so far:
- Searched mail list archive and got no love--bad search skills?
- Execute dir line in config file was: EXECUTE		= $(LOCAL_DIR)/execute, and is now commented out
- Execute dir line is now:  EXECUTE		= G:\CondorExecute. I used the backslash following the convention in the config file defining where the condor dir is on the system disk. I've also tried the unix-style forward slash, and did perceive an effect either.
- Drive G in this case is an attached drive, directory has write and modify perms for users as well as SYSTEM
-issued a condor_reconfig command after change
- jobs still being executed in c:\condor\execute instead of the drive g:\CondorExecute

Anyone able to teach me where I am going wrong?

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