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[Condor-users] Virtual Machine universe: hands-on examples?

Hi all,

When I started to experiment with Condor some 2 years back,
VMWare was THE way to go with Condor.
At the time I did some tests and VM universe kind of worked,
although VMWare was a pain.....meanwhile VirtualBox and
others seem to have replaced VMWare, due to their more
convenient interface. And of course the progress that has been
made in Virtual Machining......

However, now I'm puzzled what to do with Condor.
Using Virtual Machines is tricky; 2 years ago it took me a while to
get an example working with VMWare only after I saw a completely
worked out example of how to actually do it.

Condor also seems to have moved on and now supports something
like libvirt. Doesn't it? But then: how does this work?
Say, I have a Condor master PC (linux with VirtualBox) and a bunch of
Windows pool PCs with VirtualBox installed. How can I then tell Condor
to run a VM job? Are there any detailed examples, that tell step-by-step
how such things should be done?

Thank you!