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Re: [Condor-users] Virtual Machine universe: hands-on examples?

On 22/10/2012 08:51, "Rob" <spamrefuse@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>The downside of this approach is that the virtual machine in VirtualBox is
>always running, even when the owner is using the PC, right?
>That is not an acceptable solution for the library IT of the university
>Condor is only allowed on the PCs, for as long as there is almost zero
>impact on the regular usage of the PCs.

I think the overhead on the processor is from 1 to 4% when virtualbox has
nothing to do.
We don't have a big pool of users of POVB, but I have had no complaints.

Our main pool is a dual boot one that we auto switch from Windows to
Linux/Condor over night and weekends. This works well for us, but
obviously the pool we can provide during normal working hours is quite
small (200 cores).
Ian Cottam
IT Services -- supporting research
Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences
The University of Manchester
"The only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks." Mark