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[Condor-users] Show job duration history of machines


Currently we do have some Problems with our grid.
It seems some machines abort jobs after about 20 Minutes. In oder to identify the erroneous machines I would need
some command to show the job duration history of the machine.

That is I want to know how long which job was run on a given machine.
History is enabled.
I would like an output similar to condor_q -run -currentrun but for past jobs. The data is in the jobs log files but it is quite tedious to find which job was run where as we have a lot of different jobs

If possible I would like some output like this

Machine    Slot    JobID    Duration    StoppedAt
ABC            1            123.1    18:23    01.01.2012 12:13
ABC            1            123.1    18:23    01.01.2012 13:13

Is such a thing possible? How could i acchieve that?

Best regards,