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[Condor-users] Condor 7.8.5 and 7.9.1 released!


The Condor Team is pleased to announce two Condor releases, 7.8.5 and 7.9.1.

7.8.5 fixes a handful of bugs in the 7.8.X stable series including an important
security issue.  The security issue affects versions of Condor since 7.7.3 that
have support for the "standard universe".  This means that Windows, Mac, and
clipped ports are not affected.  Please see the full details of the security
issue here:


Other bug fixes for 7.8.5 are documented here:


7.9.1 is the latest development release in the 7.9.X series and includes new
features as well as all the bug fixes up through and including 7.8.5.  For a
complete list of features and changes, please read the Version History here:


Binaries and source code for both releases are available for download from our
downloads page here:


Thank you for your interest in Condor!

- The Condor Team